Edit colors and colormaps

POVColor can load, edit, and save both colors and colormaps. In addition, it can edit all components (red, green, blue, filter, and transmit) of a POV-Ray color.

Load and save as POV-Ray code

POVColor can load existing colors and maps from a file and save output to a file in POV-Ray code. There is no need to copy from POVColor and then paste into a POV-Ray file. The POV-Ray file can simply include the file and use the named color or colormap.

Copy and paste

Like others, POVColor can copy selected items to the clipboard. In addition, it can paste text from the clipboard and try to load items from it. There is also an option to automatically copy. When this option is enabled, the heart of the edited item is automatically copied any time the item changes.

Enable and disable items

It is possible to enable some items and disable other items. When saved, a disabled item is wrapped with a conditional that prevents POV-Ray from using it. When loading, the state of an item is remembered.

Multiple named items

It is possible to have multiple items that have the same name. Only one item for a given name will be enabled at a time.

Gamma correction

Gamma correction is applied to the previewed colors if the option is enabled. This way the preview can more accurately represent the colors.

Output control

A great deal of control is provided over the output, including control over spelling (color or colour), block indentation, and more.